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Chick Willis

"From the Heart and Soul," was Living Blues Magazine's Best Blues album of 2002. Chick's first record debut was in 1956 with the song "You're Mine." In the years since "Stoop Down Baby, Let Your Daddy See" was issued on the tiny La Val label in 1972, Willis has rarely strayed from the song's themes and in the process has created a lucrative career for himself as "The Stoop Down Man."  Buy this CD and hear why the "Stoop Down Man" keeps knocking out audiences for over 40 years!

Chick Willis-From The Heart and Soul

Chick Willis
"From the Heart  and Soul"

1 Ribshack Cafe.mp3
2 Someday Baby.mp3
3 One Eyed Woman.mp3
4 I Found The Kinda Love.mp3
5 What Goes Up.mp3
6 I Know a Hoochie Mama.mp3
7 Come Back Home.mp3
8 Black Widow Spider.mp3
9 Betty Boo.mp3
10 Mr. D.J.mp3

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