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Tony Drake

He's blind. He's autistic. But what you are about to read is in no way a sympathy review! Tony Drake is the real thang. This discovery for Roy Roberts is a slick guitarist and soulful singer to be reckoned with. The 19-year-old blind and autistic blues musician has been performing around the Cookeville, TN area and quickly gained a following in the area. "I saw him play and knew instantly I wanted to record him", said Roberts.

This is a cat that has every reason and right to sing the Blues and he does mightily on this Roberts-backed set. Drake tackles eight Robert cuts, one of his own and Earl Chilton's "Raise A Little Hell". The key track is the Memphis Soul Blues roller "Touched By An Angel". Drake adds his own dialogue on the jam out.

Vocally, it's hard to believe he's nineteen. Unlike all those other Blues prodigies out there Drake has arrived full grown musically. Don't believe me? Then take a listen to "What Should I Do?", reflecting a timing and phrasing that only comes from the Soul (and lots of experience). The moving "Anniebell" instrumental gives Drake a chance to show off those fast guitar fingers. Noodles good enough for your finest Italian restaurant. He plays his instrument with it lying on it's back like a piano! Check him out now.

Tony Drake
"Touched By An Angel"

1 Touched By An Angel.mp3
2 Everytime I Turn Around.mp3
3 What Should I Do.mp3
4 I Slipped.mp3
5 Mr. D.J.mp3
6 Sometime You Love Me.mp3
7 Raise A Little Hell.mp3
8 Anniebell.mp3
9 Tony and Roys Jam.mp3
10 When You Coming Home.mp3

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